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is fun!

looks fun


homunculus seems usesless


Yeah i couldnt find out how to use them


this really reminds me of enter the gungeon i love it and please release full version

o yeah that game is equal in the dificulty to enter the gungeon


when are you guys going to finish the f****ng game!? (It's amazing btw)


apparently never


I enjoyed this yet I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use the Homunculus. Otherwise it was a solid demo.


finally i beat this game. final boss who previously seemed invincible was quite easy, you can kill him without losing 1 hp with minimal damage

also, we are developing same game, bullethell. you can find it here.


Can someone pleas give me a list of the controls?  I have no idea what "Press the right button to deploy a turret" means. Also, I'm new to this website, and when I made an account, it said that I could download games. Does anybody know if thats possible, and if so, how to do that. Thanks!

no download needed.
binds you can see in start of game. e q mouse space. not sure. i played much time ago. maybe f too.

RMB = deploy turret for short period of time


devs dead?

No, like they are developing another project.

link? why not rin?


if the binding of isaac met touhou

Very great game~!!!

I would just like to not lose all of my power ups when I die :( 

But I had lot of fun tho :) Great job!!

The game is very good, challenging and fun mechanics, very cool art and great music, I look forward to the final version!

Awesome game! Challenging as hell, but really addictive! Looking forward to more content! :)

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Great game. The shooting feels great. Is this is it or are you going to make more content.

We're currently working to complete the game!

Wow! This is really good.